According to statistics, over one million Vietnamese people were unemployed in 2018 who are desperately in need of jobs. But besides, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses which are falling short of human resources. The program Whose Chance is created to connect job seekers and employers.

Whose Chance is hosted by journalist Lai Van Sam and is expected to create real job opportunities for contestants.

In each episode, 6 bosses who are leaders of major enterprises and corporations in need of personnel will provide job opportunities for candidates and recruit talents. Real interviews, real bargaining for wages and working conditions and remuneration schemes will take place in the show.

Besides, through the program, audiences will learn more about job finding experiences, the labor market, opportunities for career development and learning from the stories of successful entrepreneurs.

During the 16 episodes, host Lai Van Sam will be under great pressure as he has to face 6 big bosses to support and ensure maximum benefits for the candidates participating in the program.

Whose Chance is expected to be aired on VTV3 in September 2019. Currently, the show is searching for contestants.