The concert not only motivated children to find and develop their talents but also promoted the positive role of music in schools to stop bullying in Vietnam.

“Bullying is so common that it’s viewed as almost “normal”, but it should never be. Bullying will eventually end if we all decide to stop it. Children should speak out and take action to support each other to end bullying”, said Siwon Choi.

Worldwide, some 150 million students, half of all students 13 to 15 years of age, report having experienced peer-to-peer violence in and around school. In a recent U-Report survey on violence is schools in Vietnam, 38% of the child respondents said they witnessed bullying in the past 12 months.

With the start of the #StopBullying campaign and the “Smile for U” project, UNICEF seeks to hold schools accountable in creating a zero-tolerance to violence.