Almost 240 Vietnamese arrived in Da Nang on board a Vietjet flight on Thursday as part of Vietnam’s drive to bring back citizens stuck in foreign countries because of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, according to the central government.

The flight was coordinated by Vietnamese and Myanmarese authorities.

The returnees included people under 18 years old, the elderly, the sick, pregnant women, religious groups, tourists, workers whose visas had expired, and students who had finished their academic studies.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar worked with local authorities to streamline paperwork and sent staff to the airport to assist the citizens in boarding their flight.

All aboard the Vietjet plane were subject to health checks and transferred to a centralized quarantine camp after their flight landed at Da Nang International Airport.

The plane had transported some Myanmar nationals back to their country in the departure leg.

Commercial flights between Vietnam and foreign countries are still suspended but the Vietnamese government says it will arrange for more flights to bring home citizens stranded in other countries on account of COVID-19.

The Southeast Asian country has documented 324 coronavirus cases, with 266 recoveries and no deaths, according to the Ministry of Health’s latest statistics.

Vietnam has recorded no community-based transmission over the past month but the government has repeatedly urged everyone to keep a watchful eye on the virus, particularly when almost all businesses have been allowed to reopen.

People are still advised to wear face masks and keep a physical distance in social interaction.

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